Digital Surge is the easier way to buy, sell and pay bills with Bitcoin

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We are upfront with who we are and what we do. We don’t hide fees and we don’t try to trick people.
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We are constantly striving to improve the way we do things and view every situation as an opportunity to learn.
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We aim to provide the very best customer experience possible.

Our Story

The team at Digital Surge are passionate about using technology to simplify cryptocurrency. We have built our platform from the ground up with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. Since our launch we have led the industry in providing our in app instant support to our end users, something that we are very proud of. We believe cryptocurrency is the finance of the future, and want to enable all Australians to be able to access this new resource.

The team is committed to building trust & transparency within the crypto community, where you’ll often find us at community events helping to drive the industry at the grassroots level.
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Digital Surge team photo - Dan & Josh

Dan & Josh

It started with a simple question: “Why is it so complex to purchase cryptocurrency” That started their journey on building Digital Surge. Dan & Josh are good friends and have been working together for six years helping businesses with their IT needs.

Dan co-founded Digital Surge to provide a fast and easy way for Australians to access digital currency. Dan has spent over 15 years working in the IT industry and knows first hand that technology doesn't need to be complicated. Dan is completing his MBA at the University of Queensland and has a passion for using technology to simplify daily life.

Before co-founding Digital Surge, Josh spent over 10 years working in the IT industry building up technical teams, designing and implementing IT solutions and effectively managing clients projects on time and to budget. Josh also has a strong interest in IT security and is certified as a penetration tester.

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Digital Surge has been recognized by a number of  well know media outlets as an exciting new venture with the potential to transform cryptocurrency exchange in Australia.
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