A new & uniquely easy way to trade Crypto in Australia - Digital Surge 2.0

Nico Lim
November 27, 2020

If you’re a crypto trader in Australia, things just got a lot better.

Digital Surge 2.0 is the new, incredibly easy way to buy, sell & store crypto in Australia.

With extremely low fees and some of the best customer support out there, our newly revamped platform makes trading crypto safer, simpler, and easier-to-understand than ever before.

While we’ve been providing everyday Australians with a simple way to buy Bitcoin for a while, we’ve made some serious changes to the new platform, including:

  • A jump from 2 cryptocurrencies to over 200, giving us one of the widest selection of coins in Australia
  • Exclusive cryptocurrencies not available on any other Australian exchanges
  • Lower fees & more competitive spreads that can’t be beaten
  • A new mobile-friendly interface designed for simplicity & everyday use
  • Premium educational resources & expert trading advice for all DS customers
  • A new layout designed to make trading simple & easy-to-understand
  • A more diverse & knowledgeable customer-support team

But with all these new and exciting changes, we’ve made sure to keep what our customers have come to love about Digital Surge the same. You can expect:

  • Highly responsive & personalised customer support
  • Low fees with NONE of the usual hidden costs
  • The ability to pay Australian bills with Bitcoin
  • A free, highly secure personal wallet for all DS traders
  • A blend of cold-offline/hot storage for security & convenience
  • A straightforward, enjoyable & stress-free way to trade
  • Value not found at Australia’s larger exchanges

Whether you’re you’ve been trading for a while or are completely new to the world of crypto, Digital Surge is Australia’s no. 1 choice for traders wanting a simple, easy-to-understand crypto experience that offers great overall value. Signing up and getting verified is easy and takes just a few minutes.

We’ve also put together some of the best educational resources out there, covering all the need-to-know basics of Bitcoin, blockchain, altcoins, smart crypto trading tips for new investors, and even some pocket-size trading wisdom articles to guide on your journey. They’re simple, easy-to-digest guides on everything you need to know to make profitable trades from Day 1.

While some people say it’s too late to jump on the Bitcoin & crypto bandwagon, we disagree. The last few years has validated our initial belief that crypto is not going away anytime soon. Every day, more and more industries are adopting crypto and blockchain technology and the overall trend is extremely – it is still not too late to get in early.

If you’re looking for a safe, smart & stress-free way to trade crypto in Australia, Digital Surge is the platform for you.

Crypto is here to stay. And so are we.

Hope to see you around!

Dan, Josh & the Digital Surge team

Nico Lim

Nico is a writer with a keen interest in technology that can simplify and enhance our everyday lives. He has a knack for making things simple and easy to understand and is a regular contributor for Digital Surge.