Fee Schedule


We believe in a transparent and fair fee schedule. We are constantly looking at ways to reduce the fees and always welcome your feedback.

Trade fees

The trading fees start at 0.75% and reduce based on your rolling 30 day trade volume. Your trading volume is calculated every 4 hours.

Trading Fee % 30 Day AUD Volume
0.75% < $10,000
0.7% <$40,000
0.6% <$70,000
0.5% <$100,000
0.4% <$200,000
0.3% <$400,000
0.2% <$800,000
0.1% >$1,500,000

Withdrawal Fees

We dont charge for any AUD withdrawals. Bitcoin withdrawals are charged at 0.0006btc per withdrawal to cover the cost of network transaction fees.

Deposit Fees

Bank transfer deposits don't incur any fees. POLi deposits fees start at $2 and are capped at $3.30.

Last updated May 2018