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Fee Schedule

We believe in a transparent and fair fee schedule. We are constantly looking at ways to reduce the fees and always welcome your feedback.

Last updated November 2020

Fee Schedule
Trading fees
Trading Fee %
30 Day AUD Volume
< $100Kup to $100K
< $250K$100K to $250K
< $500K$250K to 500K
< $1M$500K to $1M
> $1MOver $1M

Instant Buy & Sell

The fee for instant buying & selling is 0.5%.

Trading fees

When placing a trade on the exchange, the fees are calculated based on your rolling 30 days trade volume. Your trading volume is calculated every 1 hour.

Withdrawal fees

We dont charge any fees for any AUD withdrawals. When sending coins to an external wallet, you will be charged a standard network transaction fee. The fees for each coin will vary based on how busy the network is. The current fee is displayed when withdrawing a coin.

Deposit fees

Cryptocurrency and PayID deposits are free. POLi deposit fees start at $2 and are capped at $3.30.

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